Fluoxetine, Day One

As I am not by any stretch a morning person, I thought I would chose 6pm as tablet time. That’s the same time I used to try to take my birth control when I was a teenager

If I had been prescribed capsule pills this time last year, I would be panicking right now. It took a dentist forcing me to take amoxicillin last summer to get me over my fear of capsules. But these capsules aren’t as big as amoxicillin which is sweet

I was a bit nervous before I swallowed it. I worry about side effects, particularly ever since being on birth control which although gave me better skin, gave me ridiculous headaches instead. The main side effects of fluoxetine however are dipped depression in the first couple of days, a lower sex drive, and apparently jumpiness, which really can’t get any worse in me anyway. I’m constantly like a rabbit in headlights

It’s now 2.00am, eight hours since I took my first dose. I had a nap from 8.00pm until 11.00pm which was silly of me, but I feel okay. I don’t feel particularly jumpy yet so that’s positive. Have to get a train tomorrow afternoon, am going to view a flat with a friend which is exciting. It’ll be the first property I’ve ever viewed. Will check back in soon

Thanks for reading, Hils


One thought on “Fluoxetine, Day One

  1. Hope it goes well for you, I had to stop taking fluoxitine but my body doesn’t like SSRIs in general. Feel free to message me if you want advice

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