Sudden Sads 

There’s a lot to depression. For the majority of people, it’s not simply feeling a bit crappy, rather it tends to be a merge of emotions, the primary one being sadness. When it strikes out of nowhere and for no obvious reason, that’s when it’s the worst, for me at least

I call it the “sudden sads” because, well, I suddenly feel sad. It’s so abrupt and there’s very little warning. Sometimes I can feel it slowly creeping up on me, but it’s worse when it’s totally abrupt

If anything, it’s more frustrating. More often than not, I don’t particularly have anything to feel sad about. Things are fine and I know they’re fine. But then I overthink something, and then something else, and before I know what I’ve done, my whole world is a shitemare just because I’ve convinced myself it is

Right now, I’ve got the sudden sads. I’ve been absolutely kushty all day, but I’m staying at my mums’ house for the weekend while I’m working and I suddenly feel incredibly low. The room feels empty and strange, and every-time someone talks to me or messages me, I hear or read their words in the harshest possible way

I’ve convinced myself so much that even as I write this, I can’t shake that who I’m messaging at this moment in time suddenly doesn’t like me anymore, which is making me feel even more awful. They’ve done nothing to suggest anything, but my self-sabotaging brain is going to town right now

The real shitter is that I don’t know how to stop this ridiculous way of thinking. I presume it all boils down to anxiety and lack of self-worth which is clearly something that needs work, but it’s essentially a vicious cycle. I have no self-worth so I think I’m unlikeable and because I think I’m unlikeable I have no self-worth

I’m just not quite sure how to crack it

Thanks for reading, Hils


One thought on “Sudden Sads 

  1. I get those feelings once in a while as well. It’s very off putting because it happens so suddenly and you are left wondering how it even started. I also tend to convince myself that people don’t like me even when they give me no indication. This too shall pass! I hope quickly for you! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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