Rupi Kaur

I was in Waterstones the other day and I spotted Rupi Kaur’s new book was out. I didn’t even think, I just picked it up. There was no way I was leaving without it

I bought her first book, Milk and Honey, when I was heartbroken. It was one of three things that lifted me out of that intense time, the other things being the Smiths on repeat and far too many chocolate rice cakes. It’s almost as if it walked through the heartbreak with me, acted as my sidekick when I felt defeated

On days when it hurt to breathe, there were words that mirrored my pain. On days when things seemed a bit less shit, there were words for that too

Now I’m in a relationship, a content one, with someone I fall in love with more and more all the time. And it’s as if the Sun and Her Flowers is my new sidekick, giving me words to help me understand this new adventure I’m on

There’s a poem about healthy love, about how hard it is to accept sweetness and passion, when all you’re used to is pain. There’s one about wanting the kind of love that energises you, not drains you

“They should feel like home. A place that grounds your life. Where you go to take the day off.” I like that one

It’s not just about that sort of love though, it’s about all kinds of things, good and bad. Self-loathing to self-love, resentment to contentment, frustration to forgiveness

This wasn’t supposed to be a review as such but I suppose it sort of is. I like snappy, punchy writing. I like short musings and stuff that’s to the point. That’s what I like about Kaur’s work. It takes seconds to read, but it stays in your head, or at least it does mine

Thanks for reading, Hils


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